After much deliberation, I’ve decided to give Patreon a second chance. Hopefully they won’t do anything as stupid as they did before and if they do, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. As you may have noticed, I had to permanently cut back on Sacrimony to one page per week because two pages a week was just not financially sustainable at the rate I was going. I intend on always having the comic be free to read and hopefully with support on Patreon, Ko-fi and my Art Shop, I’ll be able to get back to doing more pages per week.

I decided to expand this new Patreon incarnation to encompass ALL my art stuff, as opposed to just being strictly Sacrimony-related. While my comics are my life blood, I also realize that there are other people who aren’t particularly interested in my comics but love my other non-comic artwork.

If you like the comic or my art and want to show some love while getting lots of neat rewards along the way, stop by and see what I have to offer.

If you can’t commit to monthly donations, there’s always my Ko-fi or Art Shop.