Full Name: Yunika Laohua (YOO-ni-kah LA-hwa)
Date of Birth: 27th Sign of The Archer, 3081AB
Place of Birth: Nahask Village, Ekibu
Occupation : Actress

Race: Madharan
Hair Color: Reddish brown
Skin Color: Brown
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5′ 3″
Other notable features: Wild, wavy hair, ears pointed upward and a gold nose ring on her left nostril

Khajad Laohua (daughter) – Ever since Khajad lost her memory, Yunika is all Khajad has ever known and the only constant in her life. Khajad can tell that something is wrong, but Yunika often tries to make light of whatever situation they’re in, lest Khajad get upset. Yunika has no idea how to tell Khajad that people will want to kill her on sight because of her wings so she avoids talking about it at all if possible, often making  wing-hiding into a ‘game’. As time goes on, Khajad grows more suspicious and her animosity towards Yunika increases.

Yunika doesn’t have the heart to tell Khajad what would happen to her if people found out about her wings. Instead, Yunika does everything in her power to make things fun and keep Khajad’s attitude positive while hiding her true appearance. It’s easier said than done when Khajad begins questioning everything and Yunika doesn’t have all the answers.

Siphram nhaat Pardeshan (husband) – Siphram and Yunika don’t seem to have a great history together, which is terrible since they have a child. In their most recent interactions, both Siphram and Yunika were so bad off, they had begun physically harming each other. Siphram is the reason why Yunika and Khajad are stuck in the situation they’re in, as he sought to settle a personal vendetta and Yunika will never forgive him for that.

General Info

Yunika exudes a natural warmth and charm, even when lying to her daughter and those around her. Yunika easily gets stressed and panics in times of conflict. She avoids anything resembling an argument and will immediately give in to the other side, just to make things easier when dealing with people she believes has more power than her. She is terrified of both Siphram and Khajad.

Whatever she lacks in courage, she makes up for in musical capabilities. She’s a talented songwriter with a phenomenal voice. In her spare time, she composes new songs, often autobiographical songs or songs about things around her.

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