Full Name: Siphram nhaat Pardeshan (SIFF-ram NA-hat par-de-SHAN)
Titles Held: The Loyal
Date of Birth: 4th Sign of the Herald, 2882AB
Year of Ascension: 2946AB
Place of Birth: Agenaara Desert
Occupation : Unemployed fallen god

Race: Human/Dawnlord
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5′ 7″
Other notable features: Golden feathery wings, usually has a beard

As The Loyal
Ideals: Obedience to Ankhiel, rejecting false gods
Appearance: Golden armored robes with golden feathery wings. He carries a spear with a dragon eye in the center of the spearhead
Emblem: Spearhead with a dragon eye in the center

Yunika Laohua (wife) – Siphram and Yunika don’t seem to have a great history together, which is terrible since they have a child. In their most recent interactions, both Siphram and Yunika were so bad off, they had begun physically harming each other. Siphram is the reason why Yunika and Khajad are stuck in the situation they’re in, as he sought to settle a personal vendetta and Yunika will never forgive him for that.

Khajad Laohua (daughter) – it’s unclear the type of relationship Siphram had to his daughter before their banishment from Dawn. From their last interactions, Siphram kept mostly to himself and spent very little time with his family. He’s enamored with the idea of the person he thinks Khajad is versus the person she actually is.

General Info

Siphram is cold, impatient and volatile. He cares very little for the opinions or feelings of others unless they are being sympathetic or helpful towards him. Rather than trying catch flies with honey in lieu of vinegar, Siphram has no objection to physically intimidating or even hurting those who stand in his way.

Nowadays, Siphram prefers to be left alone until there is something important for him to do. He doesn’t like wasting time with small-talk and he doesn’t want to be treated like a god. He often spends his free time drawing, painting or sleeping.

The only person he seemed to ever have genuine feelings for is Khajad.

Nicknames Earned

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