Full Name: Nicholas Ravanna (rav-AH-nah)
Valdzyiari Name: Niejelasz Ravanna (NEE-hel-az rav-AH-nah)
Date of Birth: 26th Sign of The Mage, 3078AB
Place of Birth: Beldsvale, Tovial Empire
Supreme Herald (Pope)

Race: 7/8 Human, 1/8 Valdzyiari
Hair Color: Bluish-Black
Skin Color: Olive
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 6’2″
Other notable features: Reddish pigmentation to sclera, missing part of his right leg from under the knee (replaced with a prosthetic)

Angelo Leone (best friend/personal guard) – Angelo has been Nicholas’s personal guard for almost a decade. They’ve been best friends since they fought alongside each other towards the end of the Sixth Crusade where Nicholas lost part of his leg and Angelo gained his scars.

Felix LaSai (it’s very, very complicated) – In 3115AB, shortly after Nicholas was elected Supreme Herald, he was assassinated via poison by a group of Valdzyiari Supremacists. Desperate for help, Angelo brought Nicholas’s corpse to Dr. Callistro LaSai who was rumored to be a necromancer. The doctor had no interest in doing anything for the deceased Supreme Herald aside from scrapping his body for parts to sell on the black market. His assistant, Felix, was placed in charge of that chop-shop job while Angelo waited, unknowingly.

For some strange reason, Felix couldn’t bring himself to butcher poor dead Nicholas and instead resurrected him via very experimental blood magic (after stealing and selling his heart). The resurrection has not gone smoothly at all and now Nicholas seems to be forever reliant on Felix to keep him alive.

General Info

Nicholas Ravanna is the Supreme Herald, the equivalent of being The Pope. Historically speaking, he is the youngest person to ever be elected for that title and also the first human. Since his election in 3114AB, there has been much controversy surrounding the reasoning behind his election. Most of the Valdzyiari population disapprove of him, calling a human leader of the Holy Capital sacrilege, as the title has always been held by a Valdzyiari herald for the past 600 years. In addition, most humans disapprove of him, calling him nothing more than a “Valdzyiari sock puppet.”

Whatever the case may be, Nicholas is a workaholic and acts of his own accord, favoring neither humans nor Valdzyiari. On the political side, he is an intelligent man, able to adapt to varying situations quickly, however his methods of getting things done tend to be on the Machiavellian side. His ideals lean towards idealistic/utopian, in which he imagines that world peace can be achieved and poverty can be ended. These ideals don’t line up well with The Council and Nicholas quickly realizes he is nothing more than an overglorified figurehead.

On a personal level, Nicholas is thoughtful, charismatic and funny. He enjoys socializing, although he doesn’t get many opportunities on account of his ‘condition’. In his downtime, he enjoys taking care of his pet birds and playing the piano.

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