Full Name: Njemora Zyuran (nyeh-MOR-ah JUH-ran)
Date of Birth: 13th Sign of The Herald, 3058AB
Place of Birth: Somervale, Tovial Empire
Occupation : Arch Mage

Race: Valdzyiari
Hair Color: Pink
Skin Color: Pastel Purple
Eye Color: Turquoise
Height: 6’5″
Other notable features: Multiple swirling purple tattoos

Callistro LaSai (business connection) – While making a home for himself in Soldaros and looking for connections to the Underground (a black market network), Callistro met Njemora. Despite not valuing the opinions of others, Callistro has become attached to Njemora because she’s the only person who has been able to “keep up with him intellectually.” Njemora and Felix do not get along. At. All.

Mischa (cat) – Mischa is Njemora’s cat. This is very important information.

General Info
Njemora is the Arch Mage (headmistress) of the Tovial Magic Academy in Soldaros. Due to her high position, Njemora is allowed to work on areas of the arcane that are considered to be taboo, such as combining magic and biology to enhance one’s natural magical abilities. She has also shown an interest in blood magic, soul magic and necromancy and while she has free reign to study such unsavory practices, she is not allowed to talk about it in public.

Njemora also has strong ties to the Underground, often acting as a liaison between the average criminal and the inner workings of the Underground. Due to her high position in the Academy, she is allowed to get away with things that most government officials can’t – under the condition that she doesn’t get caught or is able to dismiss any evidence against her.

On a personal level, Njemora has a massive wall around her. She doesn’t make friends or get attached to people, though she has been known to go out and socialize with her contacts.  In her free time, she likes to travel, go shopping and see plays. She is also a collector of fine art and has been known to commission some of her favorite artists for personal works.

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