Full Name: Khajad Laohua (ka-ZHAD LA-hwa)
Date of Birth: 29th Sign of the Jester, 3102AB
Place of Birth: Dawn – Kingdom of the Loyal
Occupation : Angsty teenager (it’s hard work!)

Race: ???
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’0″
Other notable features: White leathery bat wings, ears pointed upward

Yunika Laohua (mother) – Ever since Khajad lost her memory, Yunika is all Khajad has ever known and the only constant in her life. Khajad can tell that something is wrong, but Yunika often tries to make light of whatever situation they’re in, lest Khajad get upset. Yunika has no idea how to tell Khajad that people will want to kill her on sight because of her wings so she avoids talking about it at all if possible, often making  wing-hiding into a ‘game’. As time goes on, Khajad grows more suspicious and her animosity towards Yunika increases.

Siphram nhaat Pardeshan (father) – Khajad does not even know that Siphram exists. It’s probably for the best. Seriously. Have you met him?

General Info

Khajad has no memory of her past beyond waking up in Jannau with Yunika. Since then, Yunika has tried to hide Khajad’s wings and minimize the time Khajad spends talking to strangers unsupervised, lest they find out about her wings. For that reason, Khajad doesn’t have any refined social skills and can come across as comically awkward when she attempts to interact with other people.

She is desperate to find someone else that looks like her and she’s also tired of having to hide her wings.

Khajad has elemental magical abilities, however, she is unable to explore her powers to their full potential because Yunika forbids it. In her spare time, while Yunika is at work, Khajad may dabble with her powers but is careful not to destroy their apartment.

Other than her secret magic practice, she has no other hobbies. There’s not much to do when she’s stuck in the apartment all day.

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