Full Name: Felix LaSai
Date of Birth: He keeps giving a different date and age when asked
Place of Birth: Unknown
Occupation : Doctor’s Assistant (not a real doctor)

Race: Human (he doubts that)
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Lightish Golden Tan
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5’6″
Other notable features: none

Angelo Leone (friend) – Having spent most of his time around boring soldiers, Angelo immediately latched onto Felix at the beginning of their trip to Jannau. Angelo welcomed not having to talk about things like military, religion and politics and found Felix to be infinitely fascinating. Felix embraced the attention and the two further bonded over a shared interest in romance novels, Felix reading them for the plot and Angelo reading for the “plot” (and wondering why there’s no pictures included).

Nicholas Ravanna (it’s very very complicated) – In 3115AB, shortly after Nicholas was elected Supreme Herald, he was assassinated via poison by a group of Valdzyiari Supremacists. Desperate for help, Angelo brought Nicholas’s corpse to Dr. Callistro LaSai who was rumored to be a necromancer. The doctor had no interest in doing anything for the deceased Supreme Herald aside from scrapping his body for parts to sell on the black market. His assistant, Felix, was placed in charge of that messy job while Angelo waited, unknowingly.

For some strange reason, Felix couldn’t bring himself to butcher poor dead Nicholas and instead resurrected him via very experimental blood magic (after stealing and selling his heart). The resurrection has not gone smoothly at all and now Nicholas seems to be forever reliant on Felix to keep him alive.

Callistro LaSai (father figure/employer/???) – When Felix was a small child, he was nothing more than a filthy street urchin who tried to rob Callistro’s old potion shop. Callistro felt sorry for him, took him in as his own child and they have been together ever since. Felix has proven to be a valuable asset in more ways than one and, thus, Callistro has always done his best to keep him on a short, controlled leash, even resorting to abuse if necessary. Despite the ill-treatment, Felix still has unwavering love and admiration for Callistro.

General Info

Felix effortlessly wields the most destructive magic of which the likes of anyone has ever seen and yet he’s content to sit around taking orders from others. He doesn’t like to think on his own and while he doesn’t enjoy causing harm, he does it anyway on command without batting an eye.

He takes his job as a doctor’s assistant very seriously, always trying to figure out ways to combine his scientific knowledge with his natural arcane gifts in order to improve quality of treatment. Unfortunately, a lot of his studies involve blood magic, which is considered to be highly unethical and has been outlawed in most civilized places.

On a personal level, Felix is desperate for attention, approval and affection. On a first impression, one may make the mistake of thinking that he’s arrogant due to his obsession with status and the fact that he speaks his mind with no filter. However, underneath his paper-thin exterior he’s lonely and miserable with no self-confidence, having faced many years of discrimination on account of his red eyes, inexplicably potent magic and fondness for men. And that’s not even factoring the years of abuse from Callistro. Felix has turned to drugs, alcohol and one-night-stands to cope, but nothing seems to fill the void.

He tends to give everyone he meets the benefit of the doubt unless they give him a reason not to.

He hasn’t had time to develop many hobbies aside from reading and shopping (whenever he gets permission to leave his dad’s clinic).

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