Full Name: Callistro LaSai
Date of Birth: 7th Sign of The Prince, 2951AB
Place of Birth: Sai, Free City (now Somervale, Tovial Empire)
Occupation : Doctor

Race: Human
Hair Color: Coppery Orange
Skin Color: Very Pale
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 6’0″
Other notable features: Often wears rectangular glasses

Felix LaSai (adopted son/personal assistant/???) – When Felix was a small child, he was nothing more than a filthy street urchin who tried to rob Callistro’s old potion shop. Callistro felt sorry for him, took him in as his own child and they have been together ever since. Felix has proven to be a valuable asset in more ways than one and, thus, Callistro has always done his best to keep him on a short, controlled leash, even resorting to abuse if necessary. Despite the ill-treatment, Felix still has unwavering love and admiration for Callistro.

Njemora Zyuran (business connection) – While making a home for himself in Soldaros and looking for connections to the Underground (a black market network), Callistro met Njemora. Despite not valuing the opinions of others, Callistro has become attached to Njemora because she’s the only person who has been able to “keep up with him intellectually.” Njemora and Felix do not get along. At. All.

General Info

Callistro has the personality of a bag of jagged, rusty nails. He is blunt, crass and downright vulgar. Does it prevent him from making and holding onto friends? Certainly. Does he care? Nope.

Despite his non-existent social etiquette and crude demeanor, Callistro is a genius and is the most highly skilled, highly knowledgeable doctor in the world. Most importantly: he’s discreet. His office has become a Promised Land of sorts for high-profile individuals who want to keep their ailments low-profile – if they can find him, that is. Over the years, Callistro has often found himself in trouble with the law and has had to uproot and relocate on a regular basis, never staying in the same place for more than a couple of years at a time.

Callistro grew up poor in a disease-infested village, watching those he knew and loved die all around him. He will never forget how traumatic his younger, impoverished days were and thus, he delights in overcharging nobles for his services (and silence) and using the extra money to treat the poor for free.

Overall, he’s terrible with money management and it’s gotten him into trouble more than once.

Callistro doesn’t have any hobbies aside from drugs, alcohol, hookers and occasional gambling.

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