Full Name: Johas Bokkin (JO-has BOH-kin)
Nickname(s): Joe
Date of Birth: 8th Sign of The Prince, 3091AB
Place of Birth: Soldaros, Tovial Empire

Race: Human
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Skin Color: Light
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’0″
Other notable features: Eccentric fashion sense

Friedrick (best friend/employee)

To call Johas Bokkin eccentric is an understatement. He singlehandedly runs the Laumerie Performer’s Guild, the top-rated theater guild in Aldenkirk. His biggest success has been his musical adaptations of The Tales of Sir Garran – stories of a valiant knight who travels the world to spread the word of Ankhiel and fight evil.

Running a successful guild, maintaining a theater and coming up with new material has Bokkin perpetually stressed. Oftentimes, he can become verbally abusive to his troupe, most of which don’t even take his threats seriously. Laumerie veterans are well enough acquainted with him to know he means well.

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