Full Name: Ankhiel (ank-hee-EL)

Race: Divine
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’7″
Other notable features: Black feathery wings

Akhmet (eldest son) – Ankhiel and Akhmet have a decent relationship, visiting each other whenever possible. Akhmet feels awkward caught in the middle of the one-sided feud between Ankhiel and Zennet but chooses to try and remain neutral. His last encounter with Ankhiel regarding their treatment of Siphram did not end very well and Ankhiel feels that Akhmet no longer loves them.

Zennet (youngest son) – For whatever reason, Zennet hates Ankhiel, however Ankhiel does not hate Zennet. In fact, Ankhiel would do almost anything to win back Zennet’s love.

Ankhiel is credited as the creator of the world, sun, moon and stars. Ankhiel is said to be made up of the spirits of Anka and Zahiel, the first beings to ever exist, and is acknowledged as a being half-male and half-female. Ankhiel oversees the spiritual realm of Dawn, a realm dedicated to rewarding the spirits of the righteous in the afterlife.

Ankhiel spends most of their time alone, choosing to have subordinates handle most situations, unless it’s something important. Ankhiel would still do anything for their children, despite said children being estranged.

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