Full Name: Angelo Leone (lee-OHN)
Real Name: Evalisse Daely
Date of Birth: 16th Sign of The Healer, 3074AB
Place of Birth: Strathen, Tovial Empire Occupation: Grand Master of the Holy Order (Pope’s Bodyguard)

Race: Human
Hair Color: Red/Grey
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Dark Green
Height: 5’10”
Other notable features: Freckles, streak of grey in front of hair, scars on right side of face and neck extending down into torso

Nicholas Ravanna (best friend/boss)  – Eva has been Nicholas’s personal guard for almost a decade. They’ve been best friends since they fought alongside each other towards the end of the Sixth Crusade where Nicholas lost part of his leg and Eva gained her scars. Since the end of the Crusade, Nicholas has been trying to help Eva reunite with her lost family. Now she must choose whether or not to leave him alone in a politically hostile environment in order to be with her children.

Felix LaSai (friend) – Having spent most of his time around boring soldiers, Eva immediately latched onto Felix at the beginning of their trip to Jannau. Eva welcomed not having to talk about things like military, religion and politics and found Felix to be infinitely fascinating. Felix embraced the attention and the two further bonded over a shared interest in romance novels, Felix reading them for the plot and Eva reading for the “plot” (and wondering why there’s no pictures included).

General Info

From the grey hair to the scars, Eva is someone who’s been through a lot.

On a professional level, she goes by the name Angelo Leone and pretends to be a man in order to be the Grand Master of the Holy Order. As the Grand Master, her job is to protect the Supreme Herald at all costs and because of his “illness”, she tends to be the middleman between him and anyone who wishes to speak with him.

Eva cares very much for the well-being of her best pal, however, she gets agitated knowing that Nicholas is always taking on more work than he can handle. She also blames herself for his assassination and now finds herself in a situation where she has to decide whether or not she wants to keep protecting him.

On a personal level, Eva is warm and sympathetic. Her life as a soldier and bodyguard leaves her longing for good conversation and genuine connections with other people. In an ideal situation, she’d quit the military life and settle down without a second thought. Despite her resentment towards her job, she still performs it without hesitation. She spends more time worrying about others than he does about himself, often minimizing her own feelings as ‘trivial’ or ‘selfish’ even though they are perfectly valid.

Sadly, Eva has not been able to pick up any hobbies. She often passes time by daydreaming.

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